A little of Freud’s wisdom

“The idea of God was not a lie but a device of the unconscious which needed to be decoded by Psychology. A personal god was nothing more than an exalted father-figure: desire for such a deity sprang from infantile yearning for a powerful, protective father, for justice and fairness and for life to go on forever. God is simply a projection of these desires, feared and worshipped by human beings out of an abiding sense of helplessness.

Religion belonged to the infancy of the human race; it had been a necessary stage in the transition from childhood to maturity. It had promoted ethical values which were essential to society. Now that humanity has come of age, however, it should be left behind.”



2 pensamientos en “A little of Freud’s wisdom

  1. “This is an ingenious theory, as indeed all Freud's theories are…” V.S. Ramachandran.
    Está bien para comenzar, pero me gusta más lo que hace actualmente “Rama”. Podemos y debemos ser mucho más específicos y estudiar el cerebro.
    Conocí a Rama en un video que pusiste aqui de la BBC y me volví su fan. Te lo recomiendo. Hay una public lecture en el sitio de Princeton, te acuerdas?


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