A tiny great miracle

She died in a pretty ordinary day. Her death was sudden and unexpected and it came after a life full of accomplishments and satisfactions.

She was born in a poor family. Her father was a modest mason and her mother, besides having to take care of her and her 2 older brothers, used the little time she had left to wash and iron other people’s clothes for a little bit of extra money.

Her birth was considered by no means ordinary. She was born on the 6th month, tiny and with serious health problems. Her lungs hadn’t developed completely and her heart was too weak. She spent the first half year of her life in an incubator. Everybody was amazed with her firm determination to live. It was hard to believe, especially for the doctors, how such a small baby could fight that hard to stay alive. A miracle she was called, when she finally got out of the hospital she was known by many people as a “tiny great miracle”.

When she was 4, after a particularly exhausting day of hard work, her mother fell asleep before turning off the iron. Unfortunately it fell into the plastic container where the rest of the clothes were left. It wasn’t long until the house caught on fire. The neighbours called for help, nonetheless, by the time any help arrived, it was already too late. Her mother and her brothers would never wake up.

She was severely burned but somehow she managed to survive once more. No one could actually believe than a four-year old could have survived to such a disastrous and fierce fire. After 3 months in hospital, she got out in a swirl of flashes, cameras and microphones. She was famous again at the age of 4. Not only I but many people thought she had come to this world to do something really special.

Her childhood wasn’t easy, she grew older being too shy and reserved. She never had many friends and was never popular at all. Given the lack of things to do, or the lack of friends to do them with, she turned to books.

She was always on the top of her class. Her impeccable academic record gave her the tremendous opportunity to study abroad, which opened her horizons and gave her a broader perspective to the meaning of her existence.

She decided to dedicate her life to saving the life of others. She studied medicine in one of the most prestigious universities of the world and graduated with the greatest honors.

Her father was so proud of her, “my little miracle” he used to call her. He always told us it made him enormously proud to know that her daughter, despite all the adversities and the tragedies she had had to endure, was preparing herself to fulfill the special mission she had been sent here to fulfill.

Shortly after, she started a PhD at the international Agency for Research on Cancer. She got the highest scores in all her admission examinations. She was even personally welcomed by the leader of the agency: “a very talented and young promise” he called her…

That was only some months ago and now it’s all suddenly over. She’s gone forever and why?

A very unfortunate shower slip.



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  1. Rous_lyn dice:

    Siempre hay personas que vienen a este mundo para marcarnos la vida, siempre te das cuenta que esas personas están aquí porque “sufren” más que las demás y aún así siguen adelante y no decaen como lo harían muchas personas “comunes”. Lo que debe de suceder es que tenemos que aprender de esas personas “milagro”, a veces desaparacen sin dejar “marca” en el mundo pero sabes que dejaron huella en ti y eso es parte de la importancia de la vida, no dejar en todo el mundo pero hacer que en una persona nuestra vida haya tenido un a importancia.Sé que a veces no es fácil, en ocasiones sentimos que no hacemos mucho, pero con el simple hecho de estar en el mundo y ser parte de la vida de varias personas en alguna persona habrás dejado huella.Me gustó este escrito, refleja tus sentimientos…continua!!

  2. Hekanibru dice:

    Creo que no se entendió mi punto. Todos creían que la difuntita venía a hacer algo especial, pero pues se murió antes de poder hacerlo. Básicamente quería decir que *no* existen personas milagro: la vida carece de sentido sin importar qué tanto queramos creer que lo tiene.


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