A little of Richard Feynman’s wisdom

There is nothing that living things do that cannot be understood from the point of view that they are made of atoms acting according to the laws of physics.


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  1. Anonymous dice:

    And my free will?

  2. Hekanibru dice:

    Free will is an independent random variable of the model ;).

  3. Anonymous dice:

    Since living things act on a macroscopic level (according to Newton’s or Einstein’s laws of physics), as well as utilising physics on a microscopic level (Quantum laws), and considering that both macroscopic and microscopic physics are not unified yet (i.e. they do not work together, but very well on their own)… Feyman’s statement is void.Quoting what famous people have uttered without any clear intention behind the post is pretentious.

  4. Hekanibru dice:

    The fact that both sets of laws have not been unified yet doesn’t mean that they could never be, and moreover it doesn’t mean Feyman’s statement is void. He could have been referring to not only the known laws of physics, but to the unifying theory that is yet to be discovered.On the other hand, there *is* a clear intention behind quoting famous people here (pretty obvious by the way). In most cases quotes I post, cleverly express part of my understanding of the world. In fact I’m convinced that one could get a very good idea of a person’s view of the world by analyzing his/her favorite quotes. In any case, whether this is pretentious or not, is not at all important as long as it has meaning for me.Thanks for your comments smart ass.

  5. Anonymous dice:

    I found it! The unified theory of physics that explains everything in the know and unknown universe. It generalizes and fixes the errors on both classical and quantum physics! It even takes into account free will! <>The ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything!<><>Physics Law 1:<> Random stuff just… happens.<>Physics Law 2:<> There is no law 2.

  6. Anonymous dice:

    By assuming what Feyman <>could<> have meant the quotation itself is dubious, as Feyman’s rather clear statement is then reduced to whatever you think he was talking about.You say that you could characterise a person’s view on the world by quotes they pick. Well, since you unlikely know all quotes ever made and also the contexts in which they were made, you will end up with a quite vague idea what a person thinks. The ability to articulate and express ourselves should be strong enough tools for making quotes obsolete. As this is a bit radical, it might be a better idea to support ones argumentation by quotes, but not dropping hot buzzwords (or quotes here) and hoping no one ever takes a closer look.How do you distinguish between my “smart ass” comments and your “cleverly” expressed understanding of the world?

  7. Hekanibru dice:

    My comment about what Feyman could have meant was to make clear that he didn’t *necessarily* refer to the laws of physics we know.With respect to the quote list, it will obviously never be complete, but the longer it is, the better impression you’ll get.About your last question, for a start, I didn’t write the quote, so it’s not *my* cleverly expressed understanding of the world. Anyway, in this case, the answer to your question is simple and completely subjective, your comments have no purpose but to bother without providing any constructive opinion.Finally to be honest, I really don’t have time for this kind of pointless discussions. This is my blog and I write whatever the hell I want, however I want it. If you don’t like what you read simply close the window and do not come back.

  8. Hope Mr. Anonymous is not one of your teachers…But I do support you Hector!In other businesses… Take care! I do like the quotations you post :)Regards!Lalo.

  9. Rochy dice:

    LOL! (also for Lalo). Mr. Anonymous has a point when he mentions the subjectivity and ambiguity of the language, and how is it not possible to know someone <>just<> for the quotes he or she makes. However in my opinion it is not only about writing someone else’s thoughts, it is also a matter of selecting those you like and trying to share this nice ideas with others that (like me) had never heard them. And it does not mean that you totally agree or completely disagree, but just to make us think (for a change), without stealing the credit. But you GOT the point, this is the internet and this is your blog ;-) Oh! I can’t stop laughing


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